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I’m currently taking International Business as part of my MBA program at Rutgers, and decided to share my outline for what I’m studying at the moment – international trade theory.

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When Indians complained of administrative abuses and, in the non-Treaty areas, to press their claims of Aboriginal title, the Act was amended to make it an offence to retain a lawyer for the purpose of advancing a claim. The 2-volume Hawthorne Report vividly portrayed the Indian fact in Canada and, after a national consultation with Chiefs, government advanced the 1969 White Paper Policy which would abolish Indian status, Indian reserves, Indian Treaties, the Indian Department and the Indian Act. In fact, Bill C-31 went much further, reinstating those who had previously lost status and their children. The Kamloops Band had lost a court case challenging municipal taxation of their tenants even though the City of Kamloops provided no services to designated lands, which were held to be in any event outside the jurisdiction of the Band Council. Where the conditions set out in subsection (1) have been met with respect to a band, the council of the band shall forthwith give notice to the Minister in writing that the band is assuming control of its own membership and shall provide the Minister with a copy of the membership rules for the band.

Assume all thoughts and ideas presented here are Hill’s.

The Indian Act seems out of step with the bulk of Canadian law. No legal reliance should be placed on this information copy of the Indian Act.

Non-Indian women who married Indian men gained status and membership: see, e.g., Lavell v. A band may, at any time after assuming control of its Band List under section 10, decide to return control of the Band List to the Department if a majority of the electors of the band gives its consent to that decision.

The editor does not warrant that it includes all direct or consequential amendments to the Act or that this version is complete or current.

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