Abusers intimidating pets with staring

Introducing the cast of characters that make up Joy's herd of cows: 1.The DO5 Crew • Rose Hall Joy's big charity case, the bipolar biological mom of Emma & Cody.Though the last time I predicted that she made sure not to..don't want to look too uncool in front of the farmers.Anon, just a heads up: you need to sage posts that don't have milk (pictures, links, etc). Mentioning this not because of this post, but I've seen previous posts of yours (based on the Hey Anon thing) that weren't saged.Made a video calling Joy a crazy bitch and said she didn't care if Joy died in a fire.You Tube https:// Ih Nl S1M2OVx HE7Ww Pp A8ATwitter @based_mama• Chambers of My Heart is responsible for originally campaigning for Rose to get custody, loaned Rose 0 to drive to MD and set up Rose's Gofundme.Discussion should involve one of the people listed below and can be about they have said or done.New people may be added IF they have been in some sort of drama with Joy but are not big or lulzy enough to warrant their own thread.

Under the username Press Fart To Continue he became known for leaving comments on gaming videos.She's done this multiple times - practically every time she was mentioned in Joysus' thread.I've heard her shout out lolcow and "the anons" on livestreams.Don't want you to get banned :)336603Apologies new to actually posting lurker confirmed As for Kayla; she is an idiot, she tries to play the game even though she doesn't have a piece to play.I am sure she is giddy with excitement just she has the guts to take the heat.336603Damn, that was fast!

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