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I would offer early scans especially when you don't know your dates but when looking at baby's actual birth date to the early scan there is often weeks difference.I think they come when they come some earlier some later.Plus I found that having a particular date stuck in my head for my first birth to be a negative thing - everyone placed so much emphasis on THE date, even highlighting it in their calendar etc, etc.I ended up going into labour at 38 weeks (2 weeks before EDD) and learnt quickly that the baby has little regard for estimated dates or external hospital agendas.When people ask me the due date of this pregnancy, I tell them "The baby is due when it comes..." "Only time will tell...." etc etc. I think being fully prepared for labour from 36 weeks is advisable just to be on the safe side. XX First and foremostely, I agree that an EDD is definitely an estimate and nobody - particularly medical experts - should get toooo hung up on the date. If less emphasis was paid to EDD's, we would not have such high intervention rates - artificial inductions for no valid reason other than being past the EDD, distressed babies as a result, emergency c/sections etc. With DS, my earliest scan was around 5w4d (from memory anyway, it was before 6w whatever the case), and they gave his EDD as 19 March 08. Full term is usually anywhere between 38 and 42 weeks.The good news is that all babies are born on their birthday Both the dating scans for my boys were out by a week. I think this is more because not every woman has a 40week pregnancy.

My waters spontaneuos ruptured 1 calender month before her due date. She weighed nearly 7pds at birth but she also got jaundice (more common in both preterm and induced babies/i ended up being induced) and feeding issues not uncommon for a preterm baby.Probably my DD (Baby no.1) was the most 8 week scan put my EDD at 1st March, but from about 22-24 weeks she measured 2 weeks further along (also not very accurate I know) - She arrived on 3rd March very close to her EDD but she was brown, wrinkled and peeling, she had the longest nails & all the mids commented on how 'over-cooked' she was!I can't remember what my dating scan said with DD, who arrived at 38 weeks. I think that when it comes to dates you need to keep in mind that it is an *estimated* due date.Your baby is just as likely to arrive 10 days before or 10 days after its EDD.

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