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** Cheap advance-purchase fares are available from 19 if you pre-book online at at for departures from Vienna or from 13 at departures from Budapest.

*** You can buy special fares from 49 including a bed in 2-bed sleeper online at see the advice here.

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Reservation fees are generally the same whatever type of rail pass you have....unlike flying, train travel is relaxed & hassle-free. Overnight sleeper trains cover huge distances such as Zurich to Prague or Paris to Venice, effectively faster than flying and it saves hotel bill, too.The train journeys become a welcome chance to chill out between cities... Your train journeys are an integral part of the European experience, something to enjoy for their own sake, giving you a ground-level feel for the countries you're visiting...This page is a guide to buying & using a Eurail pass, answering all the usual questions.I'll try & tell it like it is, you may find cheap train tickets a better deal.

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