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The best feature of ISHCC is company information is kept up-to-date.

Business owners can update their individual pages with current information about their business and the latest products or services their business is offering.

Pages for each business include data on the type of business, company leaders, company location, business longevity and contact information.

Consumers can join our community and write reviews or leave ratings of businesses in their community or they can read reviews written by other site members to guide their search for a business offering a service or product they need.

Their group ranges centered on stone quarries, shoals, or other particularly desirable environmental features.

Although it is known they were hunter-gatherers, it is not known whether their diet primarily consisted of large game animals or a wide array of plant and animal species.

The initial human settlement of Georgia took place during one of the most dramatic periods of climate change in recent earth history, toward the end of the Ice Age, in the Late Pleistocene epoch.

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During this interval massive extinctions of such animals as elephants, horses, camels, and other megafauna took place, and plant communities shifted location and composition in dramatic fashion. These forms have relatively large lanceolate (lance-shaped) points with nearly parallel sides, slightly concave bases, and single or multiple basal flake scars, or flutes, that rarely extend more than a third of the way up the body.

Joining ISHCC is a win-win situation for consumers and business owners alike.

Both can enjoy a site filled with useful and time-saving resources.

Those listings range from small to medium-sized businesses.

Creating a page for their business on ISHCC will help business owners increase traffic to their own website, build their own customer base and gain wider brand recognition inside and outside their communities.

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