Are bono and penelope cruz dating

I understand it maybe hard to believe that Bono would cheat because it may shatter his image of righteousness. We don't know and if he did that his business or if he didn't then good for him.A man or woman (given an opportunity and base on how strong their marriage is) they will do it. I personally wish some people on this forum will stop acting like that they are this perfect couple when we only know them through images.Her next big project was Woman on Top (2000), an American comedy about a chef with bewitching culinary skills and a severe case of motion sickness.While in the US, she also signed up to star opposite Johnny Depp in the drug-trafficking drama Blow (2001) and opposite Matt Damon in Billy Bob Thornton's All the Pretty Horses (2000).

Fortunately, with Cameron Crowe's Vanilla Sky (2001) (a remake of Open Your Eyes (1997)) and a John Madden collaboration looming in her future, Damsel Penelope isn't likely to disappear just yet.

See full bio on IMDb » Penelope Cruz did a quick change -- from brunette to blonde -- for her role in "Versace: American Crime Story." Penelope's playing Donatella Versace, and showed up on set Monday morning in…

READ MORE Penelope Cruz is still hot enough to get U2 to play an entire concert ... READ MORE Tom Cruise was the meat in a Penelope Cruz--Salma Hayek sandwich in London!

I know after seeing that he is regular person like anybody only with money and propaganda. With that said, I do not think it was Penelope or Andrea.

So did he have an affair-who truly knows but the involving parties.

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