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The series included just one new cast member as Danni Park-Dempsey made her first appearance.

It was also the last to include Georgina Dorsett who left after just two series.

As well as being the first series to feature new cast members Mario Falcone, Dino and Georgio Georgiades, Billi Mucklow and Cara Kilbey, this series saw the departures of original cast members Mark Wright, Harry Derbidge, Kirk Norcross and Maria Fowler. The cast of the third series (excluding Wright and Norcross) covered the Wham!

Due to the success of the series, a Christmas special aired the same year on 24 December 2010.

After struggling for quite a while, they found one of the keys, and Mark hoisted Emily up on to his shoulders to get the others. I’m used to holding balloons with my hands not my head," the former star grinned.

"I’ll need a massage after this and I’ll give you one too."They soon returned with the chest and, after correctly guessing that 67% of the British public think the monarchy is still relevant, the campmates won an amazing prize - a quarter of a cucumber sandwich each!

This series was heavily centered on the love triangle of Mark Wright, Lauren Goodger, and Lucy Mecklenburgh.

This was the only series to feature cast members Candy Jacobs and Michael Woods.

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