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CDN gets you the Introductory Package with 100 credits, 9 CDN earns 500 credits and Elite status, and 9 CDN for 1000 credits is the Affair Guarantee Package.Credits can be used for a number of things, and different actions cost different numbers of credits: The site accepts credits cards, Pay Pal, Interac money transfer, mail, courier or Western Union as payment.1/2 While we understand the nature of your inquiry, it fails to take into consideration the efforts we take (which are significant) to ensure our platform removes any unwanted or undesirable members.

But what does this mean for the for the rest of us?

At the same time, there are reports from several readers that the site doesn't deliver on their promises (see reviews below), and that most of the female members are fake.

I wasn't able to test all of the features, and I didn't talk to a lot of people who had success with the site, so as always with dating sites, buyer beware. One more thing that, yes, I've left until the end.

What was different (and a bit disturbing) was that I was presented with six "specially selected" members in my area after having signed up - but none of the members could be found again in my town after I chose to skip sending them a wink. I tried to find this information both by searching the internet, searching Ashley Madison and by hanging out on the site for a few hours to see if anyone instant messaged me. Perhaps one of you has had more experience with the site and knows the answer to this question, but in my case, I honestly don't know.

As well, people showed up in my search results that were well outside my 'within 20-mile The layout and feel is different than any dating site I've encountered, and it lends itself to chatting as well as looking at other profiles at the same time. I was able to speak with a few members, however, to ask them if they were legit, and of the few I spoke with, all were real people who were genuinely looking for a hookup or something casual and low-key.

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    In order to login to Polish-Dating Australia, simply choose a password and supply your email address.

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    Simply enter your username, password, date of birth, and gender to complete the signup.

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    Unlike the usual sites that focus on casual dating, we’re a service that targets relationship minded compatible singles that are searching to find their match the most efficient way possible.