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Save these printables to your date night board on Pinterest so you don’t forget!Finally, what is The Price is Right without amazing prizes?

Use your printable cards to make your guesses and then look the items up on or for the exact prices!Since we have completely prepped everything for you for this date night, all you need to do is to print out the printable game cards for each participant. If you are doing a group date night, I suggest having the couples play on teams to cut down on printing and it just more fun that way! Bring writing utensils and have each group write their price guess for each of the merchandise listed on their card.Next, you will want to print off the classic Price is Right game name tags. When all have made their guesses, as a group, go find each of the items and see how close to the actual retail price each group came! When Round 1 is complete, move on to Round 2, then Round 3, and finally—the Showcase Round (Round 4)!These are time-sensitive and therefore not always available but when they are you can save up to 20%.e Harmony also has frequent free events where you can use much of the service without any cost for extended time periods, which makes signing up in advance a good idea (they’ll email you regarding the free events once you have a free account).

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