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After the changes are saved you can activate the event handler again by executing the Enable Event Firing method on the list item.

Allow Unsafe Update is a property on the SPSite and SPWeb objects.

This process dies when it finishes execution of the ps1 file!

Remember, our Event Receiver is an Asynchronous one, so it would not block the execution of the Power Shell script.

You can define event handlers for the different operations on list items, like adding a list item, updating a list item or deleting a list item. Events ending by –ing are synchronous events: Item Adding, Item Updating, Item Deleting.

Asynchronous events are the events that end by –ed: Item Added, Item Updated, Item Deleted.

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In Share Point you can add event handlers to the different lists, document libraries and content types within a Share Point site. Event handlers defined for these events are executed before the operation is executed on the content database.

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The code in the Event Receiver appeared to work most of the times, but would fail at seemingly random occasions and would leave the updated document without the generated field set.

We also had a Power Shell script which was used for bulk updating of documents.

This script was scheduled to run at regular intervals using Windows Task Scheduler.

), since it was all working fine before (we thought), but in reality the bug had always been there but it had never occurred to us!

So everyone please beware when invoking Power Shell scripts from BATCH scripts when you have Asynchronous Event Receivers in your Share Point environment! We just put a little Sleep at the end of our Power Shell script…

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