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He also organizes Bacha Tu, an event which is held in the Dominican Republic and steadily growing in popularity.

He is also widely known for being one of the more popular Bachata DJ’s across the latin dance festival scene.12.

Jorge has had a heavy impact in helping to shape the bachata landscape on the west coast, and he and Leslie have traveled internationally to teach as well.7.

– Ataca began his dance career as a salsa instructor, but he has become one of the most recognizable male bachata dancers in the world.

The individuals below are (in our opinion) the most innovative and influential people in the world of Bachata dance.

Since 2005 bachata has exploded in popularity in the latin dance scene thanks in part to artists such as Aventura, Prince Royce, Joan Soriano and Juan Luis Guerra.

He teaches, provides choreography, and promotes the Island Touch brand which features immensely popular dancers Jorge “Ataca” Burgos and Tanja “La Alemana” Kensinger.Thanks to the staff and readers who have helped improve the list and make it more educational.The list could very well include 100 people, but it serves as a broad brush to recognize those (again, in our opinion) who have been influential in shaping the landscape of the bachata dance scene.15. Taub has done multiple documentaries on bachata topics (including one on popular bachata artist Joan Soriano) and he offers a very unique and educational Bachata history class at latin dance congresses/festivals.– Co-organizer of perhaps the largest bachata festival in the USA, the Los Angeles Bachata Festival.Leslie Ferreira (also a bachata legend from the west coast) serves as the other co-organizer.

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