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In the United States today, for instance, and to a lesser extent in Canada, Australia, and the Philippines, the “Christian right” has increasingly spent its limited resources dealing with secular issues (gay marriage, sex education in the public schools, etc.). As a Christian who is more concerned with the spiritual content of the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John (the core of Christianity) than with divisive subcultural quarrels, I find zero evidence that Jesus of Nazareth ever condemned (or would have condemned) social crossdressers or transgender persons more generally.

Jesus had nothing against those with a little more 陰 and a little less 陽!

While this site does not contain seriously risqué material or pornography of any kind, persons who find the very idea of crossdressing distasteful are advised to leave.

This is a page written by a male-to-female crossdresser to share with others some of the lessons he/she has been able to learn over the last seventeen years.

n the world today, there may be as many as 150 million transgender persons.

My overall impression is that transgender persons are rather normal human beings, most living responsible lives, whose personalities have gender-complex aspects, but who do not differ much from their neighbors otherwise.

In Indonesia, for example, transgender persons, who call themselves “waria,” [derived from the words “wanita” (woman) and “pria” (man)], work in a wide range of responsible occupations, although they disproportionately are employed in beauty and cosmetics, entertainment, and fashion.

In the years that I’ve been maintaining this webpage, I’ve had the privilege of communicating with transgender persons from several different nations.

More specifically, I’ve communicated with transgender persons from Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain (UK), India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, and, of course, the US.

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