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Different receivers, different people -- different, different, different.

Defensively, New England might wind up with one Hall of Famer, or maybe not even any.

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People also would talk about Peyton having all these weapons, but he was responsible for a lot of that, especially when the team was so good and not picking high in the draft. When he first came into the league, he threw a lot of interceptions, but he didn't get sacked. Then as he went along, he learned not to throw the interceptions. And then through his preparation, he turned it into an audible game. The other QBs clustered near the top were more imposing physically.

The 10 bejeweled members of this exalted NFL tribunal agreed to rank their top 10 quarterbacks since 1978 -- more on the time frame in a moment -- while discussing the various quarterbacks on the record. Dungy saw skilled passers across the board when looking at the best QBs. Tom Brady is just the best our teams have ever played against.

Panelists received an information packet with stats and career accolades for quarterbacks who were Hall of Famers, likely future Hall of Famers or highly ranked in major statistical categories since 1978, when the NFL ushered in a new era by changing blocking and coverage rules to open up the passing game. He reasoned that those who also were dangerous runners were the toughest quarterbacks to stop, which is why his top three comprised John Elway, Steve Young and Aaron Rodgers. Tony Dungy, Hall of Fame coach who debuted in the NFL as a player in 1977: It can be tough to separate the great quarterback from the great coach.

Voters did not automatically rank the players they worked with at the top, which illustrated how seriously they took the project. 1 vote Manning received came from a panelist with no ties to him.

Dungy and Mudd spent wildly successful years with Manning and sang his praises at length, but both had Elway ranked higher.

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