Blake ryan reynolds dating

Which means they didn’t quite think they were dating material for each other.And Blake recently admitted she has control issues, which are never good in a marriage.Ryan and Blake met while on the set of their movie, Green Lantern.The movie may have been a box office mess, but the duo sure made an impact on each other.’ Where with him, we were friends for two years before we were ever dating. co-star Penn Badgley from about 2007 before it ended sometime in 2010 although their timeline is a little grainy since they played on-screen loves before taking their love off screen.Blake chose to keep her romance with Penn more on the private side. And she was spotted on dates with A-listers Ryan Gosling and even Leonardo Di Caprio before moving on to Ryan.They chose the NYC suburb to live in due to its proximity to the city but it may be a little too far away for people who live such a busy and public lifestyle.

They friend zoned each other for a year before dating.

Each has a great sense of humor and both do not mind being self-deprecating.

But behind closed doors, Blake admits that things aren't always what they seem.

She’s even slammed rumors that she has a fairytale romance with husband, Ryan Reynolds, “It's nonsense," she said in an interview.

Plus Ryan is always away from their NY home for work while Blake stays behind with the kids, which could cause some tension in their ‘perfect’ relationship.

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