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) I use Adobe After Effects to combine screen recordings, text, and other elements for my videos, so I’ve made a master After Effects project that includes every size and orientation you could want for your Preview video.Since Preview videos can be uploaded on a per-device basis, you can mix and match landscape and portrait orientations for them. Here’s a look at what’s inside: And here’s an example use case: a video I just started working on for Coda i OS.It doesn’t take statistical genius to see one glaring outlier — and that was Comcast, with download speeds often being as low as 300 kilobytes/second.And you’ll never guess what provider is used by virtually every Panic employee when they work from home? There is, in fact, no other cable ISP available to Portland residents.It felt like there was no way this should have worked.If I had to guess, I’d say it’s simple: in the middle of a serious ongoing debate over net neutrality, the last thing Comcast wanted to look like was a network-throttling bad guy in this blog post.The improvements in the app were huge: speed was increased significantly. We added our fabled Panic Sync service, which remains free and secure. The Panic web servers have a single connection to the internet via Cogent.

We’ve got a lot going on over here, including work on a brand new version of Coda, as well as constant fixes and improvements to Transmit, so that means we’re desperately looking for mac OS developers.

(In fact, you kind of to write your own destiny, because there’s not a lot of managerial oversight.) You’ll call a lot of shots, you’ll own a lot of things, and with any luck, it will feel pretty good.

If this sounds interesting, head on over to our jobs page and submit your resume soon.

(The Linode server is located in Fremont, CA, the closest we could find to us here in Portland.) We tweeted the link out, and data started pouring in…

Here’s what we got back, comparing how fast our users could download from our control server through Linode, and from our own servers through Cogent: Well, well, well.

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