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Take her to the underwater hospital, cut off the net she's trapped in, remove the splinters,...Your favorite Goldie princess needs a doctor to treat her allergic reaction. In the emergency room you will find the most fun and awesome tools ever, including lasers ... Our client today is Doc Mcstuffins , the toys Doctor who needs relaxation and facial treatment for acne.Mia went shopping for clothes and cute accessories when she accidentally fell on the escalators and now she's really hurt and she needs medical care. The crazy experiments in the laboratory have side effects on Mini and this is your chance to learn how to treat them! She woke up with a terrible stomachache, but she refused to call the doctor hoping that Princess Anna? You will find all the tools you need, just learn how to use them and have fun...Go to the doctor with her and find out how to treat her allergies and wo...Oh no, the mermaid princess got herself in trouble again, she got injured while escaping a shark attack!Go into a funny brain surgery and find out what's inside a Minion's head! In this game Anna had an accident that will be needing a foot surgery.Start experimenting in the laboratory with fun tools and prep the Minion for the great surgery. Join Apple White in the doctor's room and learn how to treat her wounds in a new caring game! Super Barbie fights evil and bad guys every single day, but she injured herself when trying to stop a villain and now she needs you. Your goal is to help Anna take a step closer to safety and recovery.

Explore the medical tools, some of them are really cool! It seems the fairest of them all has a really bad tooth ache! As hygiene is very important, first you should make sure she brushes her teeth. Warrior Princess has been injured during a fight and she needs to find a doctor quickly. Our Ice Queen, Anna, developed allergies at the same time. Take her to the emergency room and learn how to treat her kindly so she can get her ...

Hygiene is very important, so make sure you brus... Now she needs you to take her to the hospital immediately so the doctors can give her first aid. Get ready to operate on Mini's brain and learn how to use the coolest medical tools ever!

Run the hospital, take care of your patients and help them to recover. Be a good doctor and get her to your office for a cavity treatment.

Even superheroes have eye problems sometimes, but Super Barbie is lucky to have you as her personal ophthalmologist. Join the crazy Minion in the emergency room in a fun doctor game!

He was up to no good and injured himself and now you must treat his wounds.

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