Burmese dating

The point is Krause's approach and online coin communities' approach are different. The funniest thing is that I am the author of that Time Machine : D And I'm currently working on updating the Burmese converter the link to which you've specified. So ok, I'll specify that there is no settled rule whether we should add 638 or 639 years to CS era. Both sources are trustworthy, so let the end user decide. go=myanmar.php#cs If someone thinks that it is not correct enough, please let me know, and I'll make necessary changes.

Also I've added numeral '4' with vertical 'leg', which was often used there at that time.

Burmese word order is subject-object-verb, unlike English word order, which is subject-verb-object.

Burmese is written using the Burmese script, which is based on an ancient Indian script called Brahmi script.Its alphabet contains 34 letters, which look like circles or semi-circles.The Burmese script also contains many tone marks and sound modifying marks. Burmese has a complicated set of vowels, containing 12 vowels.Burmese consonants are aspirated (contains an 'h' sound) and unaspirated (does not contain an 'h' sound). I can only drink bottled water Kha naw ye bu ye be thouk lo ya de Are there any napkins (Can I have one?Aspirated and unaspirated consonants are romanised irregularly, because a uniform system does not yet exist.

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