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She initially filed a lawsuit against both the photographer and the magazine, but dropped the case to move on with her life.

By 1995, she was singing the theme song for , and, well, Waters was no longer feeling “comfortably numb.” The next year, Waters took the guitarist, Gilmour, as well as drummer, Nick Mason, to court to stop them from performing as Pink Floyd without him.

Griffin tried a wrestling hold on Ryan, who retaliated by knocking out his son’s two front teeth.

Shortly thereafter, Griffin was sent to a Hawaiian rehab for his issues with drugs.

Of course, this epic feud came to an end in September of ’96, when Tupac was shot and killed in a drive-by.

Six months after that, Biggie suffered the same fate. You gotta do what it takes to win, and if you’re Mike Tyson, that means sinking your teeth into some human flesh. They played mere rivals in the movie but during shooting, things got so tense that both men punched each other in the face. It wasn’t just a friendly misunderstanding either — the following year, LL released the track “U Can’t Fuck With Me,” which included the line “Once and for all, what’s my opinion on Jamie Foxx?

“It keeps a little edge.”soap star Joan Collins and her salacious novelist sister Jackie Collins were known for their sibling rivalry.

It reportedly came to a head when Joan stepped on Jackie’s toes by securing a multimillion-dollar book deal with Jackie’s publisher.

The photographer betrayed her andran them without her consent, forcing her to hand over the crown.” Letterman replied, albeit jokingly, “You keep using language like that, you’re going to find yourself out of a job.” By ’92, Letterman had left NBC for CBS to helm , she claimed Smith got her fired because she had to reprimand “him constantly for being rude to people and locking himself up in his room.” Hubert unsuccessfully sued Smith for “slander, negligence, and emotional distress” later that year, and decades later, she still hates his guts. As Kerrigan lay on the ground famously crying, “Why? But Kerrigan had the last laugh, recovering in time for the Olympics and defeating her rival.These ice princesses were both at the top of their game when Kerrigan was brutally attacked after a practice for the U. The People’s Princess and her husband, Prince Charles, had separated way back in 1992, and the dissolution of the royal couple’s marriage was a source of endless fascination. It’s what’s for dinner, and it’s also the single greatest contribution a pair of celebrities can make to the very important world of tabloid journalism. editor and Jackson biographer Steve Knopper, that silence was intentional.“I think both of those guys had an interest in keeping it somewhat mysterious because they are both mysterious dudes,” he told star and his 18-year-old son — who was just starting his own acting career — turned physical one day in May at the home of Farah Fawcett, Ryan’s then-girlfriend.

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