Carbon dating lab

We accept a variety of sample types (listed below) and any number of samples can be submitted.

The laboratory provides a range of services and specializes in the areas of geological and archeological sciences.

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More than 30 years of continuous management and leader in its field Since 1979, Beta Analytic ​has been​ the world leader in Carbon-14 ​​measurements, having reported thousands of dates since inception.

Prices in all major currencies Depending on your region, the lab can provide prices in AUD, EUR, GBP, INR, RMB, TWD, KRW, and USD.

Convenient shipping to multiple forwarding facilities The lab has forwarding offices in London, UK; North Sydney, Australia; São Paulo, Brazil; Beijing and Xiamen, China; Pune, India; Nagoya, Japan; Seoul, South Korea; and Taipei, Taiwan.

It is dedicated to the advancement of fundamental research, education, methods development and service.

"Radiocarbon" the journal of record of the field, has been published by the Arizona Board of Regents since 1989.

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