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And again, gaining understanding does not mean having to give up your anger or disappointment toward the person before you’re good and ready, if ever.With these complexities and cautions in mind, we offer the following perspectives and information.

And you can use our i Phone, Android, and Facebook dating apps to meet Online singles on the go!Most important, it’s helpful to remember that the people children look to for protection are – like all of us – imperfect and complicated individuals.They have very real limitations, including thinking that’s distorted by hopes, fears and misunderstandings.No excuses or rationalizations for their failure seem acceptable. We are just offering some perspectives and information based on decades of experience and research on how people can become “bystanders” who fail to protect others from harm, including children who are being sexually used or abused.Also, some people actually feel more anger toward a non-abusive adult who didn’t speak up than toward the person who actually hurt them. A time may have come, or may come, when you really want to understand: Why did [whoever it was], who could have protected me – could have stopped it – remain silent and do nothing, even when the evidence was clear?

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