Chat with strangers egypt

I’m currently halfway through my journey to circumnavigate the globe by couch-surfing through my social network, a project whose success is dependent on meeting kind strangers who will welcome me into their homes and help me along.Based on a lifetime of travel and now doing it full-time for my project, here are some lessons I’ve learned about how talking to strangers when you’re travelling can open a whole new realm of possibilities*: As a full-time solo traveller, I’m a big believer in cultivating the ability to happily be on your own.For example, I travelled through Myanmar solo for three weeks and met a fellow traveller along the way.We shared some amazing memories, from getting lost in the city and getting rescued by locals, to spending an evening chatting with monks at a monastery, to visiting a remote waterfall with locals we had just met.That being said, when I crave company, it’s nice to know that I never have to be alone.I’ve found that starting conversations with strangers while travelling is exceptionally easy — if it’s with a local, you have the excuse that you’re from out of town and don’t know anyone; if it’s with a fellow traveller, you already have something in common.

My itinerary ends up being pieced from the recommendations of many people, which are predominantly locals and fellow adventurous travellers.

The fact that we came from two different worlds but could bond over the commonality of being human quickly sealed our bond.

Talking to strangers, especially when abroad, has helped me realise how much of a bubble we can live in.

More than ever, I am experiencing how important strangers are when travelling abroad.

As the saying goes, all friends were once strangers.

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