Chrishell stause and ricky goldin dating

Jake had the hots for Liza, but being the good boy that he was, refused to commit adultery and turned his eyes towards Belinda Keefer.

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But at a relay run fundraiser for the children's ward, Jake and Allie realized they desired to be with one another. David Hayward came to Pine Valley to give a lecture on cardiac care but was also in town to find his old girlfriend, Allie.With the help of Liza and Stuart, Jake and Allie devised a plan to get David to admit that he'd been the one to give Adam the wrong medication.Liza told David that she wanted Adam dead so that she could be with Jake which would leave Allie free for David to pursue.To take his power away, Allie came clean about having forged her credentials.Her medical license was revoked and her relationship with Jake began to falter.

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