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When he meets the enigmatic Zan, it's lust at first sight.

This a very unusual (some might say weird) story about punk rockers and aliens. Punk rock is a mostly underground movement, but thriving.Several groups of people in color-coded vinyl/rubber outfits are inside dancing strangely to other-worldly instrumental music. One of Enn's friends gets into the dancing, the other becomes involved in a highly unusual sex act (implied, but not directly shown) and Enn starts talking to a shy and clearly unhappy yellow-clad girl called Zan (Elle Fanning).When Enn leaves the house party, Zan gets permission from her "parent teacher" (as she and her peers call their elders) to spend 48 hours with Enn before she and her people have to leave (and commence to something they refer to as "the eating").Zan is fascinated by Enn and says she wants to "see the punk".She spends the day with Enn and his friends and that night, they all go to a punk club, where the club's "Queen" (played by Oscar winner Nicole Kidman) encourages/forces Zan to go on stage.

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