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Many of us have gone on first dates and wished we knew the tell-tale signs that we were dealing with a sociopath, narcissist or someone who was co-dependent.

Here, Dr Frieda Birnbaum tells us the signs we should be looking for and if we should be running in the opposite direction.

We ended up all going to a convention a few hours away, and I finally got my chance to be alone with him in the car for a few hours.

He seemed aloof and uncaring—exactly what I was willing to tolerate after a lengthy active addiction.

You do NOT want to praise your husband for being amazing and impressive, as this just feeds the idea that he is perfect and superhuman.

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) and build on this, by reinforcing and praising this kind behavior when it occurs.

We were both newcomers to the recovery scene, and I was desperate to find love in any way possible.

That desperation led me to jot down his phone number from a male phone list that had been passed around for him, and from there, the roller coaster began.

NY Metropolitan Based - Dr Frieda Birnbaum is a Research Psychologist, Psychoanalyst and Author of "What Price Power: An In-Depth Study of the Professional Woman in a Relationship." She's an expert on depression, women's issues, and attaining happiness.

I am coming to the horrifying realization that I’m a codependent woman married to a rather selfish (perhaps even, gulp, narcissistic) man.

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