Computer always updating when shutting down

If you’ve recently “added any new hardware” this is the time to remove it to see if the shut-down issue goes away.The hardware to check first are as follows: RAM, CPU, your motherboard, power supply and your video card.For a great way to monitor your computer’s heat levels, check out our post – How to Use HDD Temperature to Monitor Your Computer’s Internal Temperature.I have a Think Pad T450s which is maybe 2 months old.What you want to do to overcome this is to figure out what is causing the heat, and dirty fans are most likely the culprit.You’ll want to “look at your video card fans, case fans and processor fans” to see if any of them are squealing.Our guide will outline five of the most common reasons your laptop is randomly shutting off.One of the first and most likely reasons your computer is shutting off randomly, especially when you’re playing a game, is an overheating issue.

Your fans will utterly thank you for it, and it will extend the life of your computer big time.This is the bane of most computers, especially laptops, since the heat has nowhere to go.Fans that are in peerless working order are critical in aiding this issue.With Windows 8 all the default settings worked as expected, just like my Mac.I close the lid on it, hours later open it and it wakes up from sleep instantly and I'm good to go.

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