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In “supermax” prisons, which now operate in at least forty-four states, prisoners spend 22.5 to 24 hours a day in their cells and have no contact with the outside world or other prisoners.

Each of these examples illustrates how interpersonal communication meets our basic needs as humans for security in our social bonds, health, and careers.

Early humans who lived in groups, rather than alone, were more likely to survive, which meant that those with the capability to develop interpersonal bonds were more likely to pass these traits on to the next generation.

Did you know that interpersonal skills have a measurable impact on psychological and physical health?

Interpersonal communication has many implications for us in the real world.

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She is mainly involved in the research of scientific discourse (English for Special Purposes, Technical Translation, Terminology).The results are then compared to a previous analysis of online fora in the three languages about a more serious topic, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.Our initial hypotheses were that the linguistic behaviour in the English fora would show more informal, conversational characteristics than the Spanish and Catalan fora and that the fora about football would be more conversational than those about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.Our study largely confirms that, in the discussion groups studied, online asynchronous computer mediated communication in English displayed markedly more oral elements than in Catalan and Spanish, both in fora devoted to a serious topic and in fora devoted to sport.While the Catalan and Spanish showed more informal, conversational elements than the corresponding fora about politics, this topic related difference was not so clear in the case of the English fora.

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