Computer not updating wsus server

If you plan to run CAU from a computer different from the cluster nodes, that is still easy!

Look at the following screen shot for how to install it from Server Manager on that computer: Alternatively, you can also install CAU tools via PS cmdlet option.

See this screen shot below: As you can see I am installing the “RSAT-Clustering” Windows Feature, which installs the “Cluster Aware Updating” PS module.

And then I am sanity checking that the module was properly installed by listing all the CAU cmdlets.

computer not updating wsus server-48computer not updating wsus server-66computer not updating wsus server-33computer not updating wsus server-81

Is there a way to definitely assert if WSUS is configured and maybe even obtain information about the configured WSUS server if one exists?

So patching a failover cluster usually meant a fair number of manual steps, scripting/tools, and juggling administrator’s attention across a number of clusters to successly update them all during a short monthly maintenance window.

Addressing this was always the #1 ask for Windows Server 2012, during all the discusssions we had with customers in early days of release planning.

For this blog post, I will focus on the first mode above: Self-Updating.

The beauty of self-updating is that it lets you configure your failover cluster to be on “auto pilot” in terms of patching, and once set up, the cluster updates itself on the schedule you have defined in a way that it causes either no impact to service availability, or the least possible – depending on the types of workloads (e.g.

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