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The fire subcommittee reported that it did not recommend the creation of public safety officers.The proposed nominal consolidation was to provide management accountability while preserving the technical expertise of existing police and fire staffs.All services demands in each community are looked at as a single function of the department, and political boundaries become invisible.Incentives to consolidate: Mc Grath's study can help define the new name of a consolidated district, location of a new station site, how to handle uniqueness for one department or the other, facility design features, apparatus requirements, staffing, human resource system suggestions for smooth transition, costs and savings projections for facility, FFE (cost of placing furniture, fixtures, and equipment in a new facility), employee pay, combining union/non-union teams, union contracts, apparatus, administrative and operations, how the consolidation affects NFPA standards for both cities, and implementation time estimation.Local governments must evaluate their ability to pay for services, potential stressors of the system, and the community’s history of natural disasters.Examples In 2010 Walker, Michigan, with a population of 23,537, considered a new organizational structure for its police and fire departments.

Merge Consolidation: A department (usually larger) absorbs another department (usually smaller), resulting in a single entity.

Upon the fire chief’s retirement, Walker city leaders eliminated the position, created a consolidated position, and appointed the police chief as public safety director.

The deputy fire chief became the assistant director for fire operations, and the police captain switched to assistant director for police operations.

It provides organizational models across the United States and to foreign countries.

For example in February 2011 an 11-member delegation from Sweden toured the state, examining these paradigms.

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