Consolidating servers vmware

When you create your VMs, provision the hard drives according to the size you need.v Center Converter can help you with the resizing of the VM hard drives.

Since you're going to be putting all your server assets on this one machine, it's a good idea to maintain some form of redundancy at this level.

eytzz3wy3zg Simply burn the ISO to a CD and boot your server to it.

The more threads I read, the more I see problems with cloning LVM partitions (which is our case), with the cloning part working fine but the system not being able to boot after restoring the image, requiring troubleshooting and fixing boot/startup files.

Remote Registry disabled or collector service is not running with Administrator privileges" I have now changed the account in the Consolidation Settings to run with a Domain Admin account.

I have confirmed that this account has admin rights on the citrix server and rights to logon as a service on the citrix server and the ESX server.

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