Cristiano ronaldo dating kim

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It's disconcerting that Russia's natal Mars inconjuncts the U. ascendant, exactly, and Russia's natal Eris is conjunct the U. After years of posturing, bullying, and threatening the world with nuclear annihilation, now he's transformed himself into a rational human being? I faithfully read your weekly analysis of the prominent news items, but I do have a very hard time accepting "asteroidology", even though I fully understand that everything under the sun is in a constant state of evolution!

I don’t have any astrological insights about how the gold market will shape up over the next few years.

At this site, the pages take several hours every week to update, while on FB, it’s a straightforward copy and paste. As I’ve been suggesting, the placement of Ceres and Eris within the SA-PL configuration is a major clue, and refers to the empowerment of women.

The lead News Scope piece is going up on FB on Sundays. We’ve seen this already with the #Me Too movement, and the increasing number of women getting elected to Congress and other political and corporate offices.- I have long touted Dennis Rodman as the mediator between the US and Korea, so thank you for your article about him being the unofficial ambassador.

It’s interesting that FDR had some connection with gold and silver the last time Uranus entered Taurus.

Please don't make it so those of us that don't participate in a particular forum, however popular it might be, can't access your wonderful analyses.

To learn more, visit Do thoughts have the power to heal?

If you listen to medical science, there’s no proof that positive thinking can cure disease, bring success, or help you find happiness in your relationships.

The notion that one can enhance their SR prospects by being at a particularly lucky place during the SR After watching the film, I looked up the charts of Ted Kennedy, his wife Joan, and Mary Jo Kopechne (the passenger who drown -- actually, she suffocated -- in his car on that fateful night of July 18, 1969). Just curious: is there a degree of orb associated with the upcoming Uranus into Taurus. There’s an old astro-proverb that says Mars arrives ahead of time, Uranus on time, and Saturn is late.

What's really interesting is that ALL THREE OF THEM HAD THE PROGRESSED MOON CONJUNCT SATURN! This refers to when the influence manifests, and Uranus is unusual in that it’s most evident when the aspect is exact.

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