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Cyndi also expressed that she would never get back with Yuan Hao again.

However, tabloids took pictures of Cyndi and Yuan Hao celebrating the new year’s eve together with friends at Cyndi’s apartment.

However, they will both focus on their career currently.

Sonia’s manager: “Their justifications keep changing! ” Asked about Yuan Hao’s citation on the breakup reasons, Sonia’s manager harshly remarked, “He can say what he wants. We are not sure if his purpose for hurting others is for his new love or his latest drama.

While Yuan Hao was making phone call, Cyndi reportedly glazed passionately at Yuan Hao.

After that, Yao Hao was spotted hugging Cyndi from the back after his phone call.

He said, “As time goes on, we have different beliefs.In his statement, the actor expressed his apologies to "everyone who had cared about my relationship" as well as to Sonia and Cyndi.The 30-year-old responded to Sonia's interview at an event earlier yesterday and expressed that he is "very thankful to Sonia for saying I am the man that she loved the most." He added that the actress is "the most important person" in his life.Cyndi Wang and Yao Yuan Hao are back together again!Last year, Cyndi was embroiled in a love triangle between Yuan Hao and his 8-year girlfriend Sonia Sui.

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