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The DJs playing at Mantus are among the best in Dallas and you can find some of the top EDM, techno, or house music on any given night.

Mantus Nightclub is definitely one of the better clubs in Dallas and is worth considering when planning a night out in Dallas.

Located in Midtown, Teddy’s Room displays a unique appearance based upon the 26th president of the United States — Teddy Roosevelt.As soon as you walk into Teddy’s Room you notice the odd decorations including various animal heads and pictures of Teddy Roosevelt.The tables and lounging area gives a very “high class” feel with dark leather couches with patterns that you’d think to find in a wealthy, high class citizens’ home.Chances are you’ll find Le Vü packed within a few hours of being open and a few hundred partygoers dancing to some of the best music Dallas has to offer.The crowd is very diverse and you’ll find young and older men and women along with a diverse mix of ethnicities as well.

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