Dating a music man guitar

You can't tell the day, month and year the guitar was produced by looking at the serial number.The reason is that MM had the serial number plates produced all at once and they came back from the supplier out of order and MM didn't think it was worthwhile to put them in order. Also, some serial number plates that had quality problems or got scratched were never used.- Ever wondered why you will see the same color EVH MM but the colors look very different.According to a tech at Ernie Ball who works on these guitars Music Man used a dye for a long time that was subject to extreme fading and it could happen very quickly.46% went on to say that a guitar player might be thoughtful, soulful and creative which were qualities they ranked highly in a relationship.37% assumed it would be romantic to be serenaded by a man with a musical flair and 39% said that if they could play the guitar they would be more forgiving if the guy was not that good looking.Men still presume that women go after them only if they have a highly paid job, but new findings defy all of that nonsense- all you need to pull a lady is a guitar according to and uk. Films like The Blues Brothers and Wayne’s World show that guitars make geeks instant gods, encouraging women to flock their way. Apparently those men who play a guitar have an instant appeal about them for the ladies, which was considered more important than salary, jobs and interesting hobbies.

He said he has seen cases where it is impossible to tell the original color was gold.I am open to other descriptions but this is the best way I can think of to state the difference.The neck on the Music Man is slightly smaller being 1-9/16" at the nut and the Wolfgang 1-5/8". I also find the Wolfgang much more comfortable to play, which is surprising considering how similar the guitars are.I can't say for sure that they are correct but I think they are at least close.- The serial numbers on the Music Man guitars are NOT consecutive.

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