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However I stopped looking at this site for couple years due to starting another relationship.After this recently ended I signed back up for this service and was surprised to see some of the same beautiful women still on this site. Here you have to pay for credit to chat instead of membership.there are no weird freaks and people here are for finding serious relationships, not just hook-ups or anything like this.

Being able to control what you are looking for is what I liked best.

I do suggest filtering new members joining Amolatina because there's been a few who are not who they are and may not have good intentions. I love my profile page, its menu its well-organized so that I dont get lost in it.

besides, near it I can see the page I have just visited, and can easily get back to it.

I had no success on any other site like Amolatina I got the real results I was looking for.

they truly give you compatible people and don't play jokes, I like the long test they had that rats out all the people that only want a one night stand or those with serious anger issues and absolutely love that those people cannot get into the site, I had success after 4 months on it.

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