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He is likely to be 49 years old, 5’9, balding, and earns an average of 40K per year! Do people think the other is not going to notice these differences when they meet face to face?Do they think their marvelous personality is going to override their lies about their appearance and income?For example, he or she might say, "I don't know" or, "Let's take our time." No matter how it's said, it means no!In a healthy relationship, each person finds out what the other person is really feeling, and respects his or her limits.Aside from the issue of lying, lies a worse scenario.

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It is the perfect venue for these men to find women to scam.You answer questions such as your age, height, eye color, interests, marital status, and personal information about yourself.You have expectations of meeting someone just right for you.Then, after you give them your heart, they ask you for a little help financially.They claim they need money for some kind of emergency, or to help pay for something they really want to buy you, but don’t have all of the money for yet, and they will pay you back. And if you don’t give them the money, they make you feel horrible, accuse you of not loving them the way they love you, sometimes even cry to put on a show of how much they trusted you, and are so hurt that you won’t do the same. Then, they get as much money out of you as possible, and disappear.

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