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After speaking to neighbour and fellow cancer sufferer, Stephanie Scully (Carla Bonner), Harold eventually agreed to have surgery and underwent chemotherapy treatment.

Fletcher commented "Harold's heart stops beating, so Karl chooses to override his wishes and bring him back to life.

As he fears, Harold is furious with him when he regains consciousness, insisting that he wanted to be reunited with his beloved wife, Madge, who died of cancer.

Because of Karl's actions, Harold feels as though Madge has been taken away from him twice." During an interview with Digital Spy, executive producer Susan Bower said she thought the character should have been killed off during the cancer storyline, but she pleased that he was still alive.

When I auditioned, I went into wardrobe and they gave me a pair of shoes to wear that had Harold written on them".

But when Lou served him jelly one night Harold suddenly remembered how Lou used to tease him at school by calling him "Jelly Belly" and, presto, his memory was restored." Of this, Peter Mattessi of The Age said "The tension this created between Lou and Harold ("same-sex platonic life-partners", according to Toadie) was a wonderful storytelling twist, and the innuendo made Gino's sexuality clear to those in the know, yet avoided the questions from younger viewers which would jeopardise the G rating." After Smith announced his departure in 2008, Oliver was asked if Lou would be sad about his best friend's exit and he said "Oh yes, definitely, but the old rascals keep in touch all the time. Not just in character, but for me and Ian [Smith] too".

Karl suggested Harold should have a check-up and Harold was later diagnosed with prostate cancer, which needed immediate medical attention.

Fletcher said "Harold obviously has a lot of things to think about.

He had a close relationship with David, but Kerry rebelled against Harold's conservative ways and she left to travel the world. In 2003, Harold suffered a stroke and his personality changed.

He left the Salvation Army, became a "peeping tom", started drinking alcohol and he pinched Izzy Hoyland's (Natalie Bassingthwaighte) bottom.

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