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For details see: Thanks to Ted Turocy of the Chadwick Baseball Bureau, who did the heavy lifting to make the latest update possible.Ted also hosts a version of the data at github, for folks who are inclined to interface with it that way. The database is free, but there are real costs associated with maintaining it and making it available for download.Limited Use License This database is copyright 1996-2018 by Sean Lahman.This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.We make every effort to ensure that our patrons observe those Rules established in our Terms of Service.HLE, Inc (Hot Local Escort) will not be held responsible for any actions taken by any Individual, Service Provider, Business Enterprise, and/or Client as we do not own or control them in any way.

Under no circumstances will HLE, Inc, its officers, directors, employees, shareholders, server maintainers, and contributors be liable for any damages from your reliance upon anything derived from this site even if HLE, Inc, its officers, directors, employees, shareholders, server maintainers, or contributors have been advised that such defect or unsuitability exists.The database can be used on any platform, but please be aware that this is not a standalone application.It is a database that requires Microsoft Access or some other relational database software to be useful.Any and all fee arrangements thereafter are strictly between you and any individual, service provider, Business Enterprises and/or Client who accepts the arrangement.Hot Local is strictly an independent service for adults over the age of 21.

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