Dating fender bandmaster

If both of these speakers work, I think I made away pretty decently from the deal. As recommended, I bought a multi meter, and checked the ohms on the cabinet. I rewired and now I'm getting a solid 14.5 reading.

They both sounds like pretty awesome speakers, so even if they're not the sound I want right now, I'll find a use down the road. I read somewhere that the reading is only about 80% of the actual rating. Anyway, I plugged it into my AC15's extension speaker jack, And this cabinet is loud. I didn't quite like the sound with the greenback and the bottom 2 running, but I'm feeling optimistic for the Micro Terror. I think my plan down the road is to take the EVM and JBL out of the fender cabinet, and put more traditional speakers in. I'm an amateur wood worker, and have been looking at making Hardwood Mesa knock-off cabinets for some time now. I don't see myself parting with these beauties any time soon.

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So to preface this story, I consider myself a musician on a budget. This thing is loaded with an Electro Voice EVM 12L, and a JBL K-120. I'm not too well versed in either speaker maker.

I have a few showy pieces, but I'm always looking to get the most bang for my buck. It's an awesome amp, and does what it's made for phenomenally. I had a little cash leftover from Christmas, so I grabbed one of those Orange Micro Terrors. I've done a little bit of forum diving through google, and have gotten some varying reviews. Haven't plugged the cabinet in until I get everything cleaned and tested. The tolex is a little dirty with some nicks, but I'd give it a 8/10.

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