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He asked Judd for the key, but she stated she didn't have it with her.Burton Mc Kinnell, Judd's brother and a junior at the University of Southern California, picked Judd up from the train station unaware of the crime or the bodies.They maintained that Judd had self-inflicted the gunshot wound to her left hand to try to bolster her self-defense explanation.Judd's defense took the stance that she was innocent because she was insane, but did not introduce the "self-defense" argument for the record. The jury found her guilty of first-degree murder on February 8, 1932. Judd was sentenced to be hanged February 17, 1933, and sent to Arizona State Prison in Florence, Arizona.Trial and conviction On Monday evening, October 19, the Phoenix police entered the bungalow where Le Roi and Samuelson resided for the first time; neighbors and reporters were also allowed in and subsequently destroyed the original integrity of the crime scene.The following day the bungalow's landlord took out ads to be placed in The Arizona Republic and The Phoenix Evening Gazette newspapers informing the public that tours of the home were available for ten cents per person.We have many plans and enthusiasm to keep expanding and making Murderpedia a better site, but we really need your help for this. Winnie Ruth Judd (January 29, 1905 October 23, 1998) was a Phoenix, Arizona medical secretary found guilty of murdering and dismembering two of her friends and stuffing them into travel trunks.

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Judd referred to this testimony as "the whole truth".No explanation was ever offered as to why one was found so far away nor what ever became of the other mattress.The trial began January 19, 1932, three months after the bodies had been discovered in the trunks.Meanwhile, Judd's brother had dropped his sister off somewhere in Los Angeles where she proceeded to disappear.Judd hid out until she surrendered to police in a funeral home the following Friday, October 23, 1931.

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