Dating hofner violin basses

The 500/1 Violin Bass was first shown to the public at the Frankfurt Muiskmesse in 1956. Designed by Walter Höfner as an alternative to the upright double bass it fulfilled this aim and much more.It leapt to worldwide fame when Paul Mc Cartney was seen playing one with The Beatles in the early 1960s.We will try to assist with identification and dating of an old Höfner guitar.But please be aware of the following: Many of the parts made were from local manufacturers many of whom have long since ceased trading.Höfner, like all manufacturers, has changed suppliers over the years and we have also changed designs and fittings to suit new models.In the same way that Mercedes would not be able to now supply parts for a car made in the 1950s neither can Höfner supply parts for a guitar made then.

Here is a question, how do i date a vintage hofner bass since they don't have serial number.Nor is it possible to discuss all of the many people and companies who have contributed to its passage through history.The bass was designed by Walter Höfner in 1955 and first shown to the public at the Frankfurt Musikmesse in the spring of 1956.Look in the Spare Parts category to ascertain if a suitable part is available to fit your vintage instrument.There are a number of independent companies that supply some parts that are suitable for vintage Höfner guitars.

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