Dating how to keep him interested

Using the eyes, engaging or directing the person eyes. They love the homo that someone wants to hear their usually skiewed or biased opinion.. The trick anyway is in the homo of the homo rather than just the homo itself.So if you make it clear too soon that you love him and want to take things seriously with him, he will more than likely panic and feel a threat to his freedom and independence.Most men won’t be comfortable with a clingy girlfriend that suffocates their space.But just because he doesn’t want to rush into something now, doesn’t mean that he won’t want something more serious down the track when he is ready. Don’t be so available When a person is busy and not so available on demand, then that person creates an element of mystery about them. Think of it like this – if you sent a text message to a guy and he replied back in 1.25 seconds then you would think he has nothing else going on in his life. But if he replied back in an hour, you would be left wondering the whole time what is going on. Be warned though, don’t think that you should always play hard to get and never be available – as this sort of behavior will repel him even more.Remember, if you appear to be busy and seem like you live a fun and interesting life, and then make the effort and time to be with him, he will only respect you and your time together more.When you go to checkout, you’ll use so you know your purchases are secure.

And it’s often even harder to keep him there when you finally do find him.

In an earlier article we wrote about How To Seduce A Man.

Assuming this worked for you, and I hope it got you a good man that you like, you’re now left with the big challenge of how to keep him.

It’s ok to want to see him more, but remember that it’s a gradual process that you both ease into. It is perfectly acceptable to ask him where he is at with everything, but not in such a way that you are nagging or placing an ultimatum on him.

Most men will understand what you are referring to and give it some thought when they are alone.

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