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He received his BFA in Graphic Design from Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey and MFA in Visual Communication Design from Purdue University, Indiana, USA. [ Istanbul, Turkey-based designer of these typefaces in 2016: La Alorta Script, Acarita Script, Qillimition, Saturday, Amsterdam (a great all caps dry brush typeface).

Currently he teaches Graphic Design and Information Design classes at Sabanci University in Istanbul. Turkey) of the backgammon-inspired typeface Tavla (2011). Typefaces from 2015: Lati Ril, Angela Hope, Wild Animal (brush font), Happy Hour, Deleted Font, The Cranberries (dry brush script), Jungle (fat dry brush), La Rose, Natural (dry brush), Moonlight (brush script), Wall (a mural brush or crayon script), Jessica, Tropical Juice, Julietta, Jesi Joe (this hand-crafted typeface includes Aztec arrows and zodiac signs). [ Turkish designer of the (free) Serafettin cartoon font family (2008): Serafettin Cartoon-Bold, Serafettin Cartoon-Bold Italic, Serafettin Cartoon-Extra Light, Serafettin Cartoon-Extra Light Italic, Serafettin Cartoon-Italic, Serafettin Cartoon, Serafettin Cartoon Condensed-Italic, Serafettin Cartoon Condensed.

In 2012, he made a tall-ascendered version of Garamond, called Garamond Tall. Tintotype (2011) is an experimental geometric typeface for posters and motion graphics.

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Typefaces from 2017: Buket (an 18-font collection including Marquee, Roman Shiny, Fat Sketch, Script, Decorative Shiny, Basic Retro, and Prismatic). Today, she is an animator and film director located in Prague. In 2005, he took a position as graphic design instructor at the Department of Graphic Design of Bilkent University (Bilkent, Ankara, Turkey).

Furhermore, Kurtlar Vadisi and Polat Alemdar became a phenomena in international affairs. Nowadays another tension occured between Turkey and Isreal by an episode of Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu, which was about Israel and it’s organ mafia (as a state policy) this was the same reason in 2006 Valley Of The Wolves in Iraq which claimed Israel is killing people for their organs, and trading them in organ bazaars for this matter last month a Swedish journal had blaimed Israel for illegal organ trade issue.

In 2006 the movie Valley Of The Wolves Iraq had a very sensational tension between U. The last tension caused by Kurtlar Vadisi became a big problem between Turkey and Israel as a Diplomatic Issue, the peak point was the Ambassador Scandal ( Sofa Insult ).

After that producers of Kurtlar Vadisi( PANA Film) declared that the new series Kurtlar Vadisi Palestine will be on air at the end of this year, will be criticizing Israel and war crimes.

Ephesus ( Shadow) is a caps-only titling sans family. Ondule (2011) is a horizontally-striped texture face. Eggy (2011) is a monoline sans display typeface with slightly shaky outlines. The display sans Veberk (2011) has contrast and style.

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