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Some people refuse to read books, and I'm just an unread book.

, Atkins said: “He wrote all them love songs and still don't know how to treat a b**ch...

"I don't want to take anything away from what I think he's trying to do," Gyant said of the album, which is set for release in a few months, according to Lil B.

I don't expect them to agree with my language and stuff like that. When you want to come talk to me and be my friend, come talk to me. Not everybody has time to pay attention fully, or not everybody has the time to read a book.(CNN) -- Brandon "Lil B" Mc Cartney is no stranger to making bold statements.In front of thousands of concert-goers at April's Coachella Music and Arts Festival, the 21-year-old rap artist announced that he would name one of his future albums "I'm Gay." So, what's the big deal? And although it'd be easy to write him off as another performer trying to stir up controversy and gain popularity, he's already got the latter covered. If it was all just for a laugh, congrats on the new album anyway. It’s unclear what the "Walk on Water" star meant by his Grindr comment, but if this was his way of coming out as gay, bisexual, or perhaps just queer or questioning, congrats to him on being open and honest with himself!

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