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You can also go for a good ole fashioned milkshake try Darrell's Restaurant or The Chickenburger or the Armview Restaurant and Lounge.Photo from Darrell's Restaurant Oyster Time: Oysters have often been touted as an aphrodesiac.

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The website will display advertising banners, and those are not targeted."I guess for some people it's a bit taboo, not because it's a bad topic per se, but because it's something they're uncomfortable talking about," said Peeler who runs Squeaky Wheel Productions."I think it's important to put myself out there because I think other people with disabilities and even able-bodied people have a lot to learn from that."And through his research, he's learning almost as much as his viewers.In one of the videos, Peeler talks about why he's been nervous to date, and lists some of the online dating sites designed for people with disabilities.Kejimkujik Dark Sky photo by @the_starman on Instagram Have a Laugh: If you love a good laugh, then the Love, Dine, Laugh & Luxery package is perfect for you Plan a Cozy Winter Weekend Getaway: A cozy fire, a nice glass of wine, an oceanside retreat, wine, cheese, chocolates, outdoor adventure, spa retreat - some of our operators have put together some amazing romance packages.Create your own romantic adventure or choose the one that best suits you.

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