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Foremost in accomplishing these goals with employees are your managers or front line supervisors to whom the employees report.They are the people who interact with employees every day to ensure that you have a motivated, contributing workforce. HR provides the framework, processes, programs, procedures, training, and the information they need to succeed.Efforts are underway to modernize the term, human resources.Increasingly, you hear employees referred to as team members, associates, members of the organization, knowledge workers, or talent.See how these new roles of the HR employees have evolved.In keeping with the new roles of the HR professional, organizations are rethinking what they want to call the office that deals with the organization’s human resources.

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, defines human resources as, "The people that staff and operate an organization…

Over the years, calling employees "human resources" has been the subject of much debate.

People who do not like the term applied to people believe that identifying people as an asset or resource of an organization -- in the same terminology you'd use to refer to land, building materials, or machines -- is improper, and can lead to poor treatment of employees.

Whether their customer is management or individual employees, your HR staff is accountable for producing the results you need in each of these areas.

This does not mean that the HR department is solely responsible for results in these areas.

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