Dating scam pictures or resource

The study also found that middle-aged, well-educated women are most vulnerable, and that knowledge of cyber security didn’t make a difference.

Whether or not you identify with the above characteristics, you may still be vulnerable and should always stay alert to possible scammers.

They have been known to use voice altering devices to change gender and to not have an accent.

The other people pictures are nice generic pictures of the type they take from the internet or off of stolen phones of westerners on vacation to portray the person romancing you. vision of what they think you will like based on your profile and make you fall in love with an idea they promote.

If you ask them to Skype they will always have an excuse as to why they have no access to use it.

The woman who believed she was meeting an engaging Minnesotan was unknowingly being lured into a scam.

It is the perfect fraud because you provide all your wants and needs and they can just swoop in and be the PERFECT MATCH.

They create a whirlwind romance and you will not have time to think.

The Facebook friend request turned into a conversation with the "soldier" who said he was deployed in Afghanistan and lonely.

He flattered her and the relationship quickly grew.

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