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There is something in us, no doubt inherited from our mammalian ancestors, that moves us to care for what is weak, to value what is fleeting, and to protect what is vulnerable.

The cherry blossom in Japanese tradition is so beloved because it is so fragile and fleeting; beauty and sadness are bound together in a single moment’s poignant aesthetic appreciation.

The Mettā Sutta is the name used for two Buddhist discourses (Pali, sutta) found in the Pali Canon.

The one, more often chanted by Theravadin monks, is also referred to as Karaṇīyamettā Sutta after the opening word, Karaṇīyam, "(This is what) should be done." It is found in the Suttanipāta (Sn 1.8) and Khuddakapāṭha (Khp 9).

The phrases that follow can serve as a sort of guided meditation for exploring this terrain.

Whether weak or strong What life forms might one construe as weak?

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Again, it is not that such people “deserve” our loving kindness, as much as we deserve to be without hatred for anyone at all.The newborn or very young of almost every species are weak by nature.It is not so difficult to feel loving kindness for the weak, is it?He should be efficient and competent (sakko), Honest and upright (udu cha su ju cha) Pleasant and polite in speech (Suvaco) (Suvaco does not mean obedient) Gentle in demeanor (gentle composure -mudu) He should be modest and not arrogant (anatimani) He should be content and satisfied (santussako) And be easily supportable (subarro).He should not be over involved (appa kikko) and Simple and light in his life style (sallahukavutti) He should keep his sense faculties calmed and tranquilled (santindrio) He should be wise (nipako) but not too bold and daring (appagabbo not arrogant) He should not be attached to households (kulesu ananugiddo) He should never resort to doing anything so mean (na cha kudham samachare) whereby the rest of the wise world would reproach him (yene vinnu pare upavedeyyuum) May all beings enjoy happiness and comfort (sabbe satta b Havantu skitatta) May they feel safe and secure (sukino va khemino hontu) It is often recited as part of religious services in the Theravāda tradition, but is also popular within the Mahayana tradition.

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