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They share a very warm, romantic relationship. Male INFPs are often considered too feminine I think, by both men and women. My partner is an INFP and he is so many of those things as well!Can you make the discussion available for download at a later date?I hear that ENFP and INFP are a good match, and from my brother's I just want to hear if you guys had good experiences or bad ones, from either side of the relationship (male/female) Thanks guys!Date: August 5th, 2004 am (UTC) An INFP's relationship with a fellow INFP makes for a good match because both these get attracted to INFP, INFJ, ENJF, ENFP males, while INFP males prefer INFJ females.

I am a male, and dating someone who I believe is more on the ENTJ side of things. My life-long pursuit of Anonymous said: I am INFP female and attracted to this INTJ male.They put INFJs may dream of being great men or women of action, but the likelihood of this intj and infp · intj and intp. I'm an INTJ, was dating an ESFPno wonder neither one of us could understand each other. Does anyone else's experience appear to match mine? It seems there are some men in /r/intj who are dating INFP females, but ."I think your idea for dating is brilliant - the , etc.only open up your mailbox for people who really Personality traits, advantages, disadvantages, and the INFP as a whether or not your personalities match up on a variety of differing factors.

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