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Also, if you feel in your gut it’s a bad decision – get counselling. 🙂 Vanitha Sahayavani Toll-Free No: 1091 (24/7) Local: 080-22943225 Established in 1999 by the Bengaluru City Police, Vanitha Sahayavani provides immediate rescue and support for women in distress.Accessible through toll-free number 1091, Vanitha Sahayavani provides free tele-counseling, police assistance, crisis intervention, services in case of domestic violence, harassment and abuse. Woman: Well, yeah, that was, but now she's really angry with him, and he's having all kinds of problems with her, like last week, she punched him in the face and in the groin at school. she told him that if he said anything to a teacher, to the principal or anyone, she would get her friends to beat him up after school. I got to go, but I'll keep you updated on what happens. backlash (noun): a strong reaction to something - Michael knew his old girlfriend would be angry at him when they broke up, but when she stole his cell phone and posted terrible messages on Facebook, he said he never expected such a negative keep someone updated (verb): give or provide the lastest information on something - I'm worried that Sarah's boyfriend is selling drugs, and Sarah is feeling pressure to do it, too. Dating abuse (also known as dating violence, intimate partner violence, or relationship abuse) is a pattern of abusive behaviors -- usually a series of abusive behaviors over a course of time -- used to exert power and control over a dating partner.A lot of them feel helpless and hopeless as they feel stuck in their situations. Within Pune, we also provide legal support and advocacy where our volunteers go with the survivors to the hospital or police station. We also liaise with other NGOs or look for lawyers in the city if the call is outside Pune.

caught up with It is quite severe – 80% of our calls are of domestic violence.

Vanitha Sahayavani operates from the Office of The Commissioner of Police – 24/7.

DIAL 1298 Women Helpline, a toll-free women-dedicated service managed by Ziqitza Healthcare in Mumbai has successfully helped more than 38,000 women in distress through its network of 80 partner NGOs.

Domestic violence is not just a problem of the lower and middle classes. The television series, Big Little Lies, covers the cycle of violence in a way that everyone can understand and highlights the role that a supportive and compassionate counsellor plays in helping victims of domestic violence.

The signs of domestic violence (DV) are not always obvious and a lot of women don’t report that they’re being abused.

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