David duchovny rumored to be dating x files gillian anderson

After the first season wrapped and the cast went off on summer break, Salling began "cheating" on Rivera with other women.

Rivera responded by keying and egging his Lexus, which pretty much meant that the love-hate relationship was now permanently based on hate.

She maintains that an angry Sheen confronted her and insisted that she be sacked.

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Puck (Salling) and Santana (Rivera) have an on-again-off again, love-hate relationship that is always interesting to watch.

Sheen, of course, denies that, and says that the show simply took a different direction.

Blair threatened legal action, but nothing came of it.

It goes so well, at least on screen, that they decide to continue their partnership.

The sexual tension between the two, the "will they or won't they" question kept fans coming back for more.

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